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Top Quality Cannabis Indica Strain

Cannabis indica strain produces large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The higher concentrations of THC provide euphoric and intoxicating effects making it popular for use both as a recreational and medicinal drug.

Cannabis indica strain is an annual plant in the Cannabaceae family. It is a putative species of the genus Cannabis. Whether it and Cannabis sativa strain are truly separate species is a matter of debate. The Cannabis indica plant is cultivated for many purposes; for example, the plant fibers can be converted into cloth.

In 1785, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck published a description of a second species of Cannabis, which he named Cannabis indica. Lamarck based his description of the newly named species on plant specimens collected in India. Richard Evans Schultes described C. indica as relatively short, conical, and densely branched, whereas C. sativa was described as tall and laxly branched. Loran C. Anderson described C. indica plants as having short, broad leaflets whereas those of C. sativa were characterized as relatively long and narrow. Cannabis indica plants conforming to Schultes’s and Anderson’s descriptions originated from the Hindu Kush mountain range. Because of the often harsh and variable (extremely cold winters, and warm summers) climate of those parts, C. indica is well-suited for cultivation in temperate climates.

What makes Indica weed strains different from Sativa ones?

Much like Sativa, Indica is a strain of choice for those who opt for cannabis for medical purposes. Not only are its flavors palate-pleasing, but it also provides the experience unmatched by other plant types. If you want to try it yourself, Cannabis Engages has got you covered! Explore our assortment of Indica marijuana strains and let your imagination run free because we never stop extending it with new products. For us, there’s no such thing as too many varieties.

There’s no denying that Indica and Sativa are the two most popular types of cannabis. If you have used the latter before, you probably know that its leaves are long and narrow. This is not the case with Indica, however. Here are some of the features that make it stand out from other varieties:

  • Appearance

Indica marijuana strains have short and bushy leaves, unlike those of Sativa. They are also known for different leaf structure and size of buds, which is explained by a lesser amount of light needed for the plant to mature enough to be harvested.

  • THC-CBD ratio

In most cases, pure Indica strains boast higher concentrations of CBD and lower THC levels compared to Sativa-dominant products. This ratio makes them effective for a plethora of conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and irritability. It should be noted, though, that the amounts of THC and CBD may vary from strain to strain.

  • Effects

If you are looking for a calming experience, it is Indica that should be added to your shopping list. This variety has soothing and sedative effects, which is why it is perfect for night-time use.

7 Best Quality Strand of Cannabis Indica Strain Approved For Medical Use

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush: dank stoney-sleepy indica strain good for sleep
Cannabis Indica Strain

A bit of a mysterious strain, a supposed Northern Lights pheno named ‘Bubba’ from New Orleans was crossed with an OG Kush to create Bubba Kush. Since then, Bubba Kush has gained massive popularity in the U.S. Before 1998, the Bubba Kush strain was clone-only, and was later re-bred for cannabis seeds.

🌿 A true ultimate dank indica-dom strain, Bubba Kush’s thick and stocky plant structure mass produces compact light-green ‘West Coast chronic’ buds. Some seed companies offer the pre-98 Bubba Kush in seed form that represents the earlier version more closely.

⚖️ Yields of 500 g/m² indoors and 600-800 g/plants outdoors. Bubba Kush is an easy-to-grow plant that performs exceptionally well indoors under all cultivation methods. Outdoors, large bushes of dense Bubba Kush buds will need to be kept dry and be provided good airflow.

🍧 Bubba Kush buds gleam of resin and provide a sweet and pungent ‘kush’ aroma. A heavy white trichome coating is splattered inside & out of the flowers and leaves – the kind of ‘sugar leaf’ pot that people can leave roughly manicured. Classic sleepy indica effects: lethargy, relaxation and hunger.

👍 An ideal indica strain to grow indoors and outdoors. Purple colors come in at colder temps of 10ºC(50ºF) or less at night.


Blueberry: good indica strain seeds from DJ Short
Cannabis Indica Strain

Blueberry’s heritage starts in the 1970’s, when cannabis breeder DJ Short was experimenting breeding different landrace strains together. Common knowledge is that Afghani and Purple Thai genetics are what made the Blueberry strain.

🌿 Grows very tall due to it’s Thai genetics. This strain can grow monster outdoors. Indoors, growers prefer maximizing light penetration using bending, fimming or pruning techniques.

⚖️ The DJ Short version of Blueberry can be finicky and at times medium-low yielding. Although, the right selected phenotypes of Blueberry can yield large amounts on potent, hardy plants. Dense, solid, quite sticky buds.

🍧 The strong flavor and aroma of Blueberry is why this strain is so popular. It’s name don’t lie, the right phenotype expression will smell and taste just like ripe blueberries. An uplifting, energetic but still indica effect. The Thai genetics help in stimulating the mind, while the Afghani slams the body.

👍This is a legendary top-grade indica dominant hybrid that has taken the cannabis culture by storm for decades, being renowned worldwide for it’s high-quality fruity buds. Good for bubble hash as well.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush: grow a heavy dank indica strain from cannabis seeds Cannabis Indica Strain
Cannabis Indica Strain

Highly regarded as one of the most powerful pure indica strains ever, Purple Kush (Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani), hails from the Oakland area of California and contains a ridiculous 27% THC in tested samples.

🌿 Easy to grow for the beginner as well as the experienced cannabis cultivator. Purple Kush produces dark, sinister leaves that add to this strains high bag appeal.

⚖️ A high yielding pure indica, Purple Kush harvests around 450 g/m2 when grown indoors. Outdoors, Purple Kush is a good mold resistant indica strain perfect for wet, humid climates. Also resistant to powdery mildew.

🍧 Slightly peppery to the taste, but with a slow cure these buds can develop an enjoyable sweet flavor. Purple Kush gives stoners a happy, energetic high for a pure indica variety.

👍 This strain is one of the best indica varieties to grow outdoors. We love it in Hawaii. Read more about Purple Kush


We carry the popular OG Kush strain, world-renown for its potency and distinct flavour. OG Kush has a dank flavour, with an aroma and aftertaste that lingers while you enjoy equally intense body and head highs.

OG Kush Cannabis Indica Strain
Cannabis Indica Strain

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana: best indica strain heaviest dank
Cannabis Indica Strain

This dank, heavy indica strain is one of the best indica strains in 2019 for flavor and potency, testing between 22-26% THC. Strawberry Banana is a sweet indica-dominant hybrid made by a DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds breeding collaboration.

🌿 Grows big for an indica, this strain may need to be trained or topped to control it’s height. Strawberry Banana indica plants grow vigorously fast from seed producing dark green foliage that loves lots of light. Preferred indoor, or in a dry climate outdoors.

⚖️ A fat bud yielder, Strawberry Banana develops large-sized, resinous & super sticky indica buds. The heavy resin production makes this indica-dominant strain a good choice for use in concentrates / extracts.

🍧 Smells subtle and fruity, with hints of bubblegum. Each Strawberry Banana phenotype displays different flavors and aromas, most with distinct fruit tastes. Not so much an actual Strawberry Banana milkshake, but you still got some real good fruity stuff.

👍 Tons of resin, tons of trics. Strawberry Banana is a highly desirable indica strain for 2019. Nice relaxing stone.


Here at Royal Queen Seeds, we pride ourselves on Royal Cookies. We know how popular Cookies strains are. Of all the indica genetics, Cookies stands out in the name of any strain. It typically produces an aroma of confectionery treats, not unlike warm cookies. The sweet flavour of the smoke is tantalising for the senses. Our Royal Cookies variety delivers not just on flavour, but on the waves of euphoria from a deeply relaxing indica high. With THC content reaching 23%, this high is a combination of muscle relaxation throughout the body and a cerebral head high. Pace yourself with this delicious stand-out from our catalogue.

Royal Cookies


As a descendent strain of OG Kush, Pineapple Kush combines the potency of the Original Gansta, with a pleasant, sweet aroma and flavour. You may taste a hint of caramel and vanilla, along with the pineapple. The high is heady and not quite as physical as it’s antecedent, OG Kush.

Pineapple Kush
Cannabis Indica Strain

Cannabis indica strain can be consummed as; leafly, edibles, concentrates and vape cartridges,

Here are our top Cannabis Indica Strain Poduct Categories

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