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Plug is the premium distillate vape cartridge offered in their DNA and Exotic lines and Play is the battery that makes easy access to euphoria and wellness possible.

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PLUGplay was profoundly shaped by the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Experience a cannabis vaporizer as advanced as it is convenient. PLUGplay is proud to debut their distillate oil cartridges and sleek magnetic batteries. Patients and 710 enthusiasts no longer have to choose between premium oil and a high-quality battery. Not only does PLUGplay supply a battery that stands out among vapes, but their extraction artists are dedicated to crafting premium distillate concentrates.

Buy PLUGplay Vape Cartridges

Cannabis oils are only as good as their starting material. Only greenhouse-grown buds from a pesticide-free environment are allowed for processing. PLUGplay is on-par with the cannabis processing standards in the state of Oregon.


PLUG is the premium distillate vape cartridge that we offer in our DNA (original strains) and Exotic (natural flavors) lines. We offer the two distinct lines to meet the needs of the diverse cannabis community.

  • Lab-tested
  • Pesticide-free
  • Solvent-free
  • Original strains and natural flavors

Play vape batteries deliver a unique mechanism for cannabis vapor. Their sleek design offers more than an aesthetically pleasing battery, it also delivers in every aspect of convenience. Their flat design makes it easy to slip into pockets or bags and prevents it from rolling off surfaces. Another perk to its flat and matte black design is discretion — Play can easily pass for a USB stick. The square button at the center of Play takes five-clicks to power on and off, preventing it from vaporizing from accidental button clicks. Play makes vaping easy, just drop the magnetic Plug cartridge into the Play battery and hold the square button at center while inhaling from the mouthpiece. Each Play battery comes with a USB charger and encased in a sleek, stylish PLUGplaybox.

Standing out among other vapes, Play is the battery we produce that offers easy access to cannabis concentrates.

  • Slim, sleek and discreet design
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable 500 MAH battery
  • 350+ puffs per full battery charge
  • Micro USB for easy charging
  • Odorless

Plug cartridges provide a glimpse into modern cannabis vapes. Their two lines include DNA and Exotic, each meeting the needs of the diverse cannabis community. Plug’s DNA cartridge reintroduces cannabis-derived terpenes into the distillate for a full-bodied smoke experience that feels and tastes like the original strain. DNA is offered in PLUGplay’s nighttime cartridge Fire OG, King Louie XIII, daytime Train Wreck, Jack Herer and anytime Pineapple Express, Girl Scouts Cookies. For the flavor driven 710 crowd, Plug’s Exotic line comes in Strawberry Champagne, Apple Slushie, Pound Cake, Grape Ape Soda, and Pineapple Cooler. Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur with a palate for marijuana-derived terpenes or new to medical…


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1 review for Plugplay

  1. Ivan

    Found this strain to be very heady and potent, novice smokers use caution. Will buy again!

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