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Vape Cartridges:
Brass Knuckles (1g)
Strains: Sour Diesel & Gorilla Glue
Long Lasting.
Very Herbal

Flavrx (1g):
Strain: Tropical Trainwreck
Very tasteful. Very fruity.
Smooth hit.

Royal Oil (1g):
strains: Mimosa, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, Markle Sparkle.
Long lasting and most affordable.

Eureka Clear (0.5g & 1g):
Strains: Tangie, Strawberry Banana, Gorilla Glue #4, Cherry Pie, GDP, and many more.
Long lasting and most potent vape oil.
Taste great and very smooth.

THC Cartridges

Brass Knuckles 1g:
– Flavors: Sour Diesel and GG4 (Gorilla Glue)
– 70% THC
– Longest lasting cart out of all of them

Flavrx 1g :
-1 flavor: Tropical Trainwreck (One of their best tasting flavors imo.)
– 60% – 70% THC
– Best tasting one, but Eureka not far off at all

Eureka .5g:
– Flavors: GDP, Cherry Pie, Skywalker Og, Sour Gelato, XJ, Jack, GG#4, Blue Dream, Strawberry Banana, Tangie. (Just hidden under all flavrx)
– 79%-89% THC
– Strongest High and thickest wax

Bhangs .5g:
– Flavors: Great White Shark, Berry White, Lavender, Jack Herer.
– 67%-69%
– Very Herbal tasting. Longest lasting 0.5g cart I’ve run into.

Stocked up on OC Pharm.

Very great co2 wax cartridges.


2. Blue Dream

3. Larry Og

4. Coconut

5. Tangerine Dream

6. Watermelon

7. Kush Og

8. Girl Scout Cookies

9. Fruity Pebbles

10. Gorilla Glue

11. Jack Herer

12. Sour Apple

13. Tropical Haze

14. Grape Ape

15. Sour Skittles

16. Headband og

17. Sour Diesel

18. Og Skywalker

19. Blue Raspberry

20. Fresh Strawberry

– OC Pharms 500mg. 20 different strains. 60% -65%. Very flavorful taste. Have a total of 60 carts out of the 100 we got about a month ago.

-Bhangs 500mg. Multiple Strains. 60%-81% thc (Not all strains are shown due to being sold out). More herbal taste. Very strong cartridge material. Very professional made. Has lab testing and small packaging.

-Royal Family 1000mg. Multiple strains and strong potency. Starts off in the 70%-83.7% thc. Last long. More herbal. They have change packaging to tube, liked it more with lab testing. Speaks more than what I can tell customers.

What we offer currently. Try to run out at an even rate by brand and brand strains. Can see a glimpse of Flavrx 500mg. One of the best tasting cartridge and up to 25 strains. Only con is the run out quick.

Best Cannabis Value

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